1) leisurely sunday mornings with early starts. it’s not often i want to wake up early- i always crave more sleep during my overpacked weekdays but this morning, without an alarm or a cat jumping on my head i woke and sprung out of bed without hestitate at 8 am. laundry, cleaning, dinner prep, gardening, answereds some overdue email, and other household chores were all tended too before my sweetie woke up calling me by his cute nickname from the top of the stairs only 2 hours later. man, need to go to bed a bit earlier so this happens more.
2) fresh smelling laundry after hanging it out on the line. mmmm. one of my favorite smells in the whole world. must get my sheets out there asap so i can be enveloped in the fresh air scent when i tuck into bed this evening.
3) my boyfriend putting new breaks on my bicycle. it wasn’t really until he borrowed my bike to ride up to the shop a few weeks ago that i noted how worn my brakes were. he had to point it out to me- and then offered to install my new ones. i love that i have a partner who loves to help doing these dirty, more manly things that i have done previously for myself my entire life.
4) the perceived kitty smiles and warm purrs from both my kitties first thing this morning when i found them snuggled up, sleeping and began petting there fuzzy heads.
5) and lastly for sake of my daily post (which is more like monthly on average,) grateful i have the time, money and freedom to see a documentary film “shut up & sing” this afternoon finally. it’s not made its way to ireland til now and i look forward to connecting a bit back with my us culture. i just don’t like to think about how much our civil liberites and freedoms have been eroded in the past years. so hopefully this will be a positive way to connect on that for me. and i guess I have a bonus,
6) grateful for the internet and 43 things where freedom of speech and press is still encouraging!

appointment with account finally scheduled

this friday to discuss US 2005 and 2006 taxes as well as irish taxes. i hate taxes!! why do i put this off? i cannot wait until this is done- i hope i can at least complete my 2005 US taxes this weekend. what a thing to look forward to- whee! but at least it’ll be done and behind me. and the letters from the US tax man will stop coming. for now.

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1. the feel of my hair after a long overdue hair cut.
2. emails from another friend living abroad, celebrating the amazing things about it and supporting on the hard things
3. pain relief on my neck and food after visiting my amazing rolfer
4. nummmie fresh summer cherries
5. morning kisses and snuggles with my boyfriend

First lesson scheduled!!!

I have my first tennis lesson scheduled for Saturday, 5 May. I cannot wait- but am scared as well!! It’ll be all good- I’m excited to learn something new, push my body and find perhaps a new athletic passion.

Any advice on shoes, rackets, shoes, balls, things to prepare for the lesson or anything? I’m thinking I should wait until after a few lessons to decide on racket, grip size, etc. (My teacher will provide a racket and balls- so I just have to try and look like I play tennis in the clothes I choose out of my existing clothes.)

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1. joined a gym with my boyfriend. motivation for us both to go- and someone to encourage the other when one is feeling lazy.
2. started my no wheat diet today. hopefully this will help my ailing stomach which has been bound into worse and worse knots lately.
3. started to chart what i’m eating, how i’m feeling and my exercise patterns. i think just starting is the hard part. (check back in a month to let you know how i’m doing.)
4. excited my friends who live in zambia are moving back to europe- will see them more and be able to be in closer touch.
5. exciting travel plans for the summer- concerts and trips now planned- Belgium, Greece, Poland, USA, UK!!


1. for sleep as it renews my mind and body, allowing me to start today fresh
2. my herbs and flower bulbs’ fresh green shoots peeking through the earth at me, setting anticipation for fresh herbs and flowers to come soon!
3. starting to play guitar last night- wow, fretting and spreading my fingers was much harder than I expected. I hope this gets easier!
4. being clear with myself and my boss at work about what I need and what I’m not getting. It doesn’t fix anything straight away, but it’s the first step in the right direction.
5. flickr fun. I love photos and memories and reliving special moments- flickr allows me to easily post, share and revisit special trips and memories in my life.

long time being grateful...

...so does that mean it’s been a long time since i’ve been or just a long time posting. the ladder, i’m pretty sure.

1) internet access at home again so i can be more connected to friends, support and this community here at 43 things.
2) a wonderful evening with my french language partner last night- always hard to get my rear to the cafe but i’m always so delighted when i do arrive. she helped me find rachlette cheese here in dublin, so i can host a french rachlette evening meal with my friends here. i cannot wait!
3) clear, sunshine Spring days in Dublin. This town can get dreary if there are too much grey days on end but wow, yesterday and again today I feel like skipping down the street and singing. Plus everyone else seems to be in a better mood- smiling at strangers, cars not cutting me off on my bike but rather stopping and letting me safely pass before they turn in front of me.
4) cleared my scheduled to finally get back to bikram yoga tonight. it’s been eons- and i feel like focusing on physical health hasn’t had much space in my life lately with its twists and turns- but i hope tonight is the changing point for the near future. i feel tight and body not flowing like it should. i know i’m going to die tonight in class but in a way, i’m looking forward to knowing i’ll make it through nonetheless.
5) waking up beside the love of my life with his arms around me. there is no better feeling in the world i think. falling asleep smiling and waking smiling rawks!


1. Found a new place to live- a safe one with heat, a sane landlord and it’s closer to city centre. I’m so relieved I cannot even believe how stress level dropped one notch already.
2. Threshold.ie- a housing organization that mitigates and gives advice to tenants and landlords that seek it. They have been very supportive of me getting out of my horrible living situation, advising me of my rights and helping me double check my lists of things I need to do- and helpful me ensure I’m doing things that will stand up in court if need be.
3. Mark’s seeming endless support of me during this emotionally draining time- and in so many ways. I’m so grateful he’s in my life for so many reasons but his support is near the top at this time in my life!
4. Sunshine days in Dublin- when it’s sunny here, it’s magical. There have been multiple this week- in the middle of winter!
5. The love and support of my parents from afar. They too have helped a great deal during this apartment debacle.

Now, on to giving my awful landlord my 28 days notice this morning. Wish me luck- I think I’ll sprout a few gray hairs between now and when I hand him the envelope!

Back to the states for a visit in May & June

I'm in the process of planning a trip back to the West Coast of the US, prolly 'bout 25 May thru 3 June. My current thought is to work out of our Seattle offices the first week and then travel about the West Coast visiting and catching up with loved ones the second week. Not sure when and where I'll be traveling beyond Seattle, but drop me a note if you'd like to catch up and I'll see if I can swing by your city.

Hope to see you in a few months!
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1. Heat in my apartment. Been freezing my hiney off (and finding my cats burrowed under my down duvet) while my new landload resolved some major drafts and broken heaters. I can’t tell you how relieved I am now- and how much better I am sleeping. Still exhausted- seems to take some time to catch up from weeks of crappy sleeping- but wow, am I grateful. I think it makes think even for only a few moments of how fortunate I am. How many people around the world don’t have a warm place to sleep at a minimum. I’m feeling a bug up my butt here- like I want to start doing something to give back to the community and help someone or someones get warm housing. Back to my roots?
2. Licorice tea: Licorice tea before bed, licorice tea first thing in the morning, licorice tea mid-day. Licorice tea any time. I think I’m addicted- which is wonderful. I need more healthy addictions.
3. Reconnection with a friend from high school- over the Atlantic and loads of miles, I’ve found myself reconnecting in a meaningful and supportive way with an old friend. It’s a lovely surprise.
4. Early 2007 EU travel adventures with amazing friends and my warm, fun, hilarious sweetie.
5. Waking early today- I’m knackered but it feels great to know I’m up early, catching up on a few things I want to do for myself and to help make a dent in the gi-normous pile of work foo that’s built up over the past few weeks I’ve been out.
6. (cheating and writing 6…) for this community. It is nice to be back and comforting to know my hiatus from posting wasn’t taken personally and that people will understand here.