jeannieweannie (jeannieweannie) wrote,

Loads of travel this year!

This year so far, I’ve managed to blow this goal out of the water which is amazing but on the flip side, as my boyfriend likes to slag me, it’s not doing great thigns for my carbon footprint. D’oh; good thing my vehcile is a bicycle?! :/

Maybe my progress on this goal this year doesn’t count since I didn’t have the goal on my 43 things list until now, but I think it counts so voila. I say it’s so and thus, will continue to type here.

It’s been so incredible to see so much of Europe, at such a low cost compared to what it would have cost financially and energy wise if I had been travelling from the USA (where I used to live.) Here’s this year’s rundown and hopefully I can share an anecdote on each adventure sometime soon:

  • January 2007:
    Savoie en France (a la French Alps)
    Zermatt, Switzerland
  • February 2007: South of France (Carcasonne, Narbonnes, Aix en Provence, Cannes, Avignon)
  • March 2007:
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Paris, France
  • April 2007: Belfast & Port Rush, Northern Ireland
  • May 2007: USA (Seattle, PCH drive from Washington to California, San Francisco, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, Gardnerville, NV)
  • June 2007:
    The Vento, Italy
    Poznań, Poland
    Brussels & Werchter, Belgium (GO TO ROCK WERCHTER!)
  • July 2007: Athens & All over the Peloponnese, Greece (Kalvrita, Napflio, Monemvasia, Kardamili)

August: month at home in Ireland

  • September 2007: Paris, France
  • October 2007:
    Berlin, Germany
    County Cork (in Ireland)


  • November 2007: Prague, Czech Republic
  • January 2008: Barcelona, Spain
  • *February: 2008: Cape Town & the Garden Route, South Africa
Further wishlist for 2008:
  • Croatia
  • Turkey
  • Hungary
  • County Donelgal (Ireland)
  • County Galway (Ireland)
  • Scandinavia
  • Morocco

Lucky for me I have negotiated to extend my VISA and contract in Ireland another year! :)


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