jeannieweannie (jeannieweannie) wrote,

I'm grateful for a wonderful start to the weekend

I’m especially grateful for a few things this morning:

1. a wake up call from my sweetie who’s not with me this morning. the next best thing to waking next to him is a thoughtful call from him and hearing his voice.
2. the hope I felt after reading a delightful email message from a old dear friend back in California whom I’ve missed and felt disconnected from for a long time.
3. an enjoyable french lesson this morning with Jean. It’s such a wonderful feeling when you want to do something, make it a priority and then follow through with success and enjoyment.
4. the wonderful view out my back windows, looking on to the vivid colours of my neighbor’s Japanese maple tree (i think?) in its orange and red brilliance with the evergreens contrasting its background.
5. my sweet kitty who lays right next to my keyboard here, purring. he can tell how happy I am too.


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