November 4th, 2007

First "lesson" Thursday, 15 November

Nothing like setting a date move you toward a goal. My generous and patient friend has offered to come over a few times to get me started. I cannot wait! Will be nice to have a friend who enjoys playing share his passion and knowledge, allthewhile, I’ll get to catch up with him too. It’s been eons since we’ve connected! :)

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20% of classes complete

Anatomy & Physiology classes are 1/5 of the way complete; only 20 classes to go and then exams! It’s starting to get interesting and seemingly more applicable to doing body work. We’re through talking about the cell and tissues, which IMO aren’t the most exciting of subjects. Now we’re on to systems, starting with the skeletal system. And the ability to connect what I’m learning in my A&P classes to what I’m doing/learning in my massage class is fulfilling and rewarding. Woot!

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hopeful for holiday 2007 visit

hoping we can swing some visit and time together during the nov/dec/jan time frame. i miss him like mad and have been sentimental these past few weeks about all the great times we’ve had traveling and being on holidays together in the past. it’s great just thinking about where we might go, what we might enjoy and that it may happen. fingers crossed and if not during the holidays, then hopefully an adventure next year.

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neglected garden needs some love

Before it gets below freezing here and my interest to garden will be totally killed, I need to do a few things like pull the weeds, plant some bulbs which will push through the late winter close and splash colour out next year and do some general, non-glamours clean up of the garden. Hopefully it doesn’t get to freezing this week, as I know there’s zero chance it will happen. But getting it on my list nonetheless!

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