Bounder bound and beyond

It's been a long while since I wrote in my livejournal blog but with my adventures here in Boulder starting last Thursday, it seems appropriate to resurrect my writing here.  It's been an incredible first three days and Rolfing classes start tomorrow morning!  Highlights:

Happy Thursday bike rides with hundreds of bikers after 10 in the streets yelling and being happy on the streets downtown.
First Boulder meal was 50%- because they had me wait four minutes?!?  Somehow the Indian food tasted better than it would have if I had paid full price.  It was alright- but naan, rice, veggie dish, chicken tikka masala and
Mourning bird next to his splatted out dead mate on the road- for at least 5 minutes he waited.  There are so many birds here- I live next to a bird sanctuary!
Floating cottonwood blossoms tumbling across the road.
Yellow gutters from all the pine pollen (ha-chu.)
The sweat running down my back in the middle of day while standing still!
John Butler's amazing Red Rocks Ampitheatre with native american dancers and singers doing the opening, in addition to two opening bands and the best show from JBT in years.  He played Peaches and Cream- first time on this tour (I've seen him in Dublin, Ireland and Seattle, WA too.) 
Nice evening with Japanese classmate at the Red Rocks- being able to be with someone and enjoy the music without needing to talk or really understand more than that.  It was an incredible experience  

CIPTAC exams done

Results due in late June/early July. Fingers crossed- felt satisfied and content with how I performed in both the written and practical exams. Maybe I’ll be licensed and practicing sooner than I know it.

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The first time I went to Barcelona

...was for my 33 birthday in January. Wow, people had talked the city up so much I wondered if I set my expectations too high. Not at all- beautiful, easily accessible, friendly and the architecture so unique. I definitely want to go back in the warmer months and even have a pie in the sky idea of taking some Spanish. Entire new doors would open that way, plus I love the idea of speaking another language beyond English and French.

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cleaned out my sock drawer

I’m starting out large! Ha ha ha. But at least I’ve begun. Next the knickers, mes soutien-gorges and other various lingerie. One clothing category a week I think is doable. I’m already up to 4 shopping bags of stuff (I did some willy nilly cleaning out a couple months back; I don’t have 4 bags of socks.)

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neglected garden needs some love

Before it gets below freezing here and my interest to garden will be totally killed, I need to do a few things like pull the weeds, plant some bulbs which will push through the late winter close and splash colour out next year and do some general, non-glamours clean up of the garden. Hopefully it doesn’t get to freezing this week, as I know there’s zero chance it will happen. But getting it on my list nonetheless!

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hopeful for holiday 2007 visit

hoping we can swing some visit and time together during the nov/dec/jan time frame. i miss him like mad and have been sentimental these past few weeks about all the great times we’ve had traveling and being on holidays together in the past. it’s great just thinking about where we might go, what we might enjoy and that it may happen. fingers crossed and if not during the holidays, then hopefully an adventure next year.

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20% of classes complete

Anatomy & Physiology classes are 1/5 of the way complete; only 20 classes to go and then exams! It’s starting to get interesting and seemingly more applicable to doing body work. We’re through talking about the cell and tissues, which IMO aren’t the most exciting of subjects. Now we’re on to systems, starting with the skeletal system. And the ability to connect what I’m learning in my A&P classes to what I’m doing/learning in my massage class is fulfilling and rewarding. Woot!

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